AAL provides access to the AAAFF to fuel suppliers and into-plane (ITP) operators subject to the payment of the following charges:

  • Throughput Charge
  • ITP Charges

These charges will be applicable for fuel suppliers and ITP operators accessing the AAAFF under the Fuel Supplier Terms of Use Agreement and the ITP Operator Terms of Use Agreement and ITP Support Facilities Licence Agreement.

Fuel Service Rate (FSR)

Fuel suppliers are charged a FSR from 1 December 2021 consistent with global fuel charging regimes.

This FSR is levied on a cents per litre basis and is calculated utilising a building block model which is built up on the following:

  • Recovery of the purchase costs and associated funding costs for the AAAFF;
  • Ongoing operating and maintenance costs that will now be borne by AAL;
  • Insurances required by AAL in relation to the AAAFF;
  • Environmental liabilities and remediation costs assumed by AAL; and
  • Capital works required.

The FSR is revised annually, effective from 1 July each year and indicatively set through to 30 June in the following calendar year. The FSR is communicated to fuel suppliers 30 days prior to 1 July and published on AAL’s website.

AAL has adopted a long-term view of the investment in the AAAFF and has set the following FSR:

Service from 1 July 2024 Rate
Jet Fuel 1.42c/Litre (excl. GST*)
Sustainable Aviation Fuel 1.13c/Litre (excl. GST*)


* valid from 1 July 2024 – 30 June 2025.