Fees and Charges (all figures inclusive of GST)

A non-refundable $25.00 application fee is charged when registering as a driver at Adelaide Airport. This fee is solely to receive the access card and does not contribute to your balance.

The following charges are automatically deducted from your ParkCharge account (all figures inclusive of GST):

  • Account administration fee: $1.50 per month
  • Access fee (taxi/rideshare): $3.00 for each exit from the Designated Areas
  • Access fee (chauffeur): $3.00 (plus $2.00 for every 10 minutes beyond 50 minutes) for each exit from the Designated Chauffeur Area
  • SMS fee: $0.18 per SMS
  • Replacement access card fee: $25.00
  • Account re-activation fee: $10.00

You can view all of your transactions at any time – please log in to ParkCharge  and click on ‘Transactions’

Short fare guidelines:

A fare to a destination without leaving the Airport grounds entitles the driver to return to the chauffeured vehicle (limo) area. The drivers must confirm with the concierge on duty the short fare prior to leaving the Rank.

IKEA, Export Park, Burbridge Business Park, General Aviation Terminal and the Airport Medical Centre are common destinations within the airport.

Harbour Town, Flying Doctor, Medstar, Department of Agriculture, or any location reached from Sir Donald Bradman Drive are not.  There are no exceptions, ever.