What You Need To Know

  • AAL means Adelaide Airport Limited
  • ParkCharge is the website used to manage your access card
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  • Car Park Office means AAL’s carpark office located on Level 0 of the multi-story car park at Adelaide Airport
    Adelaide Airport Map - Carpark Management Office
  • Access Card means the access control card provided to a Driver by AAL for use in the Designated Areas
  • Designated Areas means the designated Ride Share, Taxi and Chauffeur pick up and drop off areas at Adelaide Airport
    View the Designated Areas here
  • Driver means the applicant who holds a Driver Accreditation for a chauffeur, taxi or ride sharing vehicle
  • Driver Accreditation means the accreditation provided by the South Australian Government or other relevant authority
  • Client ID means the unique reference number provided to each registered driver operating at Adelaide Airport. You can find your client ID on the bottom left corner of your Access Card. It contains one letter followed by 5 numbers