Why aren’t I receiving jobs in queue?

  1. Log into ParkCharge using your Client ID and password
  2. Check that there is enough money on your ParkCharge account to access the Designated Areas
  3. Once topped up, please allow 24 hours to start receiving jobs in queue.
  4. If you continue to not receive jobs in queue, please contact your provider (e.g., Uber, Didi)

I’d like to start driving for rideshare

To add rideshare to your Access Card:

  • Contact the rideshare company you are working for requesting to be activated for trips from Adelaide Airport
  • Email a current copy of your SP accreditation license and the name of the Rideshare company you wish to operate for to [email protected]
  • Adelaide Airport will process your request and confirm when Rideshare has been added to your Access Card