Committed to the efficient use of this precious natural resource.

Adelaide Airport is committed to reducing its reliance on potable water sources through the expansion of non-potable water alternatives.

Adelaide Airport lies within the driest state in the driest continent, South Australia and recognises the value of water and importance of appropriate water resource management at Airport to ensure the continued health of the environment as well as reducing the Airport’s reliance on state water resource services (potable mains water).

Adelaide Airport has continuously reduced water consumption and potable mains water reliance for over 15 years. Recycled water from the Glenelg Wastewater Treatment Plant (GWTP) is used for all irrigation as well as toilet flushing in Terminal 1. AAL is further reducing reliance on potable mains water through construction in 2012 of a stormwater harvesting facility within the multi-level car park that directly feeds the Terminal 1 cooling system.

In 2014, AAL was a key stakeholder in facilitating the construction by SA Water of the Adelaide Airport Stormwater Harvesting Scheme. Water collected from the Brownhill-Keswick Creek catchment will be stored in the local aquifer and used as an alternative supply of treated non-potable water for future airport developments.

AAL has also committed to reducing water consumption and improving water use efficiency through:

  • incorporation of drought-tolerant species into new and upgraded landscaping facilities;
  • development and implementation of an irrigation management plan; and
  • ongoing education of AAL personnel, tenants and contractors on water conservation