Working to preserve the diversity of nature around us.

AAL is responsible for the management of all vegetation and wildlife at Adelaide Airport. Vegetation at Adelaide Airport is managed through the designation of conservation zones and implementation of airport landscaping guidelines.

AAL is committed to managing biodiversity at Adelaide Airport through the establishment and ongoing management and improvement of the Patawalonga Creek Conservation Zone. The conservation zone is recognised for its habitat value as one of the last remaining stands of remnant Swamp Paperbarks (Melaleuca halmaturorum) fringing Patawalonga Creek and also supports a number of other flora and fauna species of state and / or regional significance.

Measures undertaken to manage biodiversity and conservation at Adelaide Airport include:

  • Monitoring and maintenance of Patawalonga Creek Conservation Zone
  • Revegetation works at Patawalonga Creek Conservation Zone involving an average 2000 native tubestock and 150 volunteers annually
  • Implementation of landscaping guidelines, encouraging planting of drought-tolerant native species