With two runways, more than 103,701 aircraft movements a year and a wide range of aircraft types that fly in and out daily, Adelaide Airport is a great location for plane spotting.

Our close location to both the city the bay means that you can capture great shots of aircraft taking off and landing with a variety of backgrounds.

There are various locations around the airport where aircraft can be observed and photographed.

Inside the Terminal

Visitors can view most of the airfield from the large windowed viewing areas at each of the gate lounges.

Tapleys Hill Road

On the side of Tapleys Hill Road near the airport this is a very popular spot and a great place to just watch planes come in and taxi past.

Runway – RWY 05 Arrivals and RWY 23 Departures.

Best time to shoot – Afternoon

West End of Richmond Road

This spot gives a great view of the Terminal and allows you to see most aircraft using runway 23 and 05.

Runway: RWY 23 Arrivals , RWY 05 Departures.

Best time to shoot: Morning

Bike Track on South Eastern side of Airport

Bike track that goes along the South Eastern side of the Airport. – Go down Harvey Avenue, turn left at the end and go to the small public park. Walk to the park and there is a path to the bike track.

Runway: Closest to Arrivals on RWY 30 and Departures on RWY 12.

Best time to shoot: Morning for RWY 23/05, Afternoon For Runway 30/12.


A seat where you can sit and watch the aircraft go past – Near the northern end of Adelphi Crescent, walk to the seat

Runway – RWY 05 Arrivals, RWY 23 Departures.

Best time to shoot – Morning

Skate Park

A great spot to take shots of the front or underneath of Aircraft as they go over – Go to the Skate park on Africaine Avenue

Runway – Runway 05 Arrivals and RWY 23 Departures

Best time to shoot – Anytime of the day.