Investing in those around us.

Adelaide Airport views its relationship with the local community as an integral part of successfully operating a growing domestic and international airport.

This relationship starts at the top and seeks to involve everyone who works at Adelaide Airport – from high level consultation on airport operations through to volunteering in the community.

Our position as the major gateway to South Australia also provides us with an opportunity to partner local community events and initiatives, aligned with our Community Investment Strategy.

Our Community Investment Strategy is designed to ensure our investment enhances community benefit, employee engagement and complements our corporate and business goals.

We take a partnership approach to community investment so as to align our values, skills and expertise with the issues affecting the industry we operate in.

  • Creating a Vibrant City – Adelaide Airport is recognised by it’s peers as contributing towards the State’s vibrancy. Through strategic partnerships we will align with major South Australian events to reflect the vibrancy of state and mirror this in the terminal to ensure a positive brand experience for our customers.
  • Celebrating Diversity – Adelaide Airport recognises and celebrates diversity of all kinds across South Australia. We ensure our community investment program and partners are aligned to our strategic values and objectives. As a key value, showcase the importance of respect.

Our current partners are:

Charitable Donations Program

As part of our Community Investment Program, we are committed to supporting charitable organisations that are in some way connected to the airport or the surrounding community. However, experience has shown that the number of requests always exceeds what the budget can accommodate, resulting in a growing number of disappointed charities. More importantly, with donations being distributed across a large number of recipients, the result is a fragmented community impact.

We have now evolved our donation program whereby we will focus our commitment by supporting one charity each year. With this new approach, our chosen charity receive $10,000 for the year. They will also gain from our promotional and engagement activities as well as the meaningful connection we will build between their work and our support. Charities will be selected through a process of nomination and voting conducted amongst Adelaide Airport staff.

We believe that this decision to consolidate our donations will ultimately achieve better outcomes for the community at large because it places far greater resources behind causes that our own people are passionate about.

In 2024 we are proud to announce that we are partnering with: