This section provides information to people providing goods and/or services to the Airport.

Standard Conditions

Unless you have entered into a separate contract with us, the following conditions apply to the supply of goods or services to us:

Standard Conditions – effective on 21 May 2024

Standard Conditions – effective on 12 February 2024

Supplier Code of Conduct, Procurement & Whistleblower Policy

Adelaide Airport Limited (AAL) is committed to ethical, sustainable and socially responsible procurement. In ensuring that our suppliers maintain the same values as us, we have established a Supplier Code of Conduct (the Code) and Whistleblower Policy. The Code and the Policy outline the minimum ethical standards in behaviour that suppliers will meet when conducting business with, or on behalf of us.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Procurement Policy

Whistleblower Policy

Technical requirements for design and supply of As Constructed information

Contractors must comply with the current Technical Specification for the Supply of As Constructed Drawings, Surveys and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data when performing works for Adelaide and/or Parafield airports:

Technical Specifications

AAL CAD layer specification