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Adelaide Airport’s Main Runway and Taxiways Overlay Project is an important part of our ongoing maintenance program.

The existing runway and taxiway surfaces have been servicing Adelaide Airport since 2010/2011 and are now due for maintenance to ensure continued operational effectiveness. This major asphalt resurfacing (overlay) project of the runway and taxiways will ensure the safety and serviceability of aircraft operations at Adelaide Airport for the next 10-12 years.

Along with the overlay works, the existing incandescent runway lights and first-generation LED taxiway fitting will be replaced with more energy-efficient LED light fittings, assisting to reduce our carbon footprint and meet Adelaide Airport’s sustainability targets.

The asphalt resurfacing works of the main runway and adjacent taxiways will commence construction from October 2023 with expected completion in August 2024.

There will be no works over the Christmas and New Year break, from 20 December 2023 to 7 January 2024.

To minimise disruptions to flight schedules, and to take advantage of the airport curfew that limits aircraft movements between 11pm and 6am, construction works will be mostly carried out during the curfew period for up to 6 nights per week.

This project will require periodic temporary closure of the main runway while resurfacing works are undertaken. The limited aircraft operations that are permitted to operate during the night curfew hours will utilise the cross runway (oriented south-east to north-west) when the main runway is closed. On average, there are approximately 10 aircraft movements per night, and up to 15 aircraft movements on a busy night during the curfew hours, the majority of which are emergency services and freight operators.

AAL will provide regular updates on the webpage and our social media platforms. Alternatively, you may direct your enquiries to Airservices Australia Noise Complaints and Information Services (NSIC) or email the Project Team at [email protected].

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